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In collaboration with Marta Marelli Hairstylists for the International competition of Beauty Stylist 2013 The Biosthetique Paris.

Responsible artistic and stylistic for the photos. 
Dress (Arlecchina) and the shoes made ​​with colored cutted squared in paper.

​In collaboration with the Committee of Merchants, who every year creates events and initiatives to Siena, it organized for this occasion, with artists and merchants, the White Night on June 21, 2013
I exhibited five of my artwork in a magical atmosphere in the starry night, to one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany.

Innovation Scenarios competition, promoted by the Tuscany Region, in collaboration with the craftsmanship of the Tuscan Companies and managed by Artex Center for the Artistic and Traditional Crafts of Tuscany.
The eighth edition of 2012, the International Competition was entitled Domestic Nature, for the innovative design of products for the world of craftsmanship, oriented towards domestic needs with a view to life more human-sized,
harmonious with the natural world.

The forest's plaids, is a project selected in the competition, base on the realization of four plaids made in Casentino fabric.
In collaboration with Artex and Tacs 
(fabric manufacturers Casentino). It was presented at the Macef in
Milan and at the Craft Show in Florence.

Fashion in Fiber Recovery 2012 is a project promoted by the Province of Milan, in collaboration with Afol Milan and curated by Bianca Cappello.

With the success of Fashion In Paper around the paper, Fashion In Fiber Recovery brings attention to an element which more than any other involving our daily lives: the fabric.

The fashion system in the past years has gradually increased the  replacement of fashion products by speeding up the production with the consequent depletion of resources and raw materials.
It's also developed a type of business that is able to recover the waste materials to give them a second life.


The dress Rainbow it was part of the selection and exhibited at theTriennal of Milan in 2013.

Fashion in Paper 2011

is a project promoted by the Province of Milan, in collaboration with Afol Milan and curated by Bianca Cappello.
It's a traveling exhibition of clothes, jewelry and accessories, made only with paper and cardboard, ​​from a selection of students of universities around all Italy.


The dress Colored Squared made ​​with paper interlocking each other was presented at: Triennial of Milan, So Critical So Fashion in Milan, Italian Cultural Institute Abrantes Palace of Madrid, Green World Rotaract Week Catwalk Cost Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Milan.

Borgo San Fedele,

a famous spiritual center of the Renaissance, located in the town of

Radda in Chianti (Tuscany)

In 2007 the owners,

on the occasion of the reopening of the sixteenth-century chapel, commissioned at the Art Institute of Siena Duccio di Buoninsegna five big paintings, which i've been a responsible for the realization with another student. The canvases are alternate with bright and strong colors, highlighting the impact with the background of the church. It interpret sacred themes in a very personal way, reiterating the importance of the connection between past and present in a modern key.

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