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Face to Face

Face to face is the name of the first creation. It's a waistcoat. Above it are placed two faces in profile, a female and male figure. The name 'face to face' is because when the garment is open, the two faces are turned to the other side, at the time you wear the two faces meet. 


Peacock is the name of the second creation. It's a dress without straps. Above are placed two peacock's feathers.

The garment open form a circle and the two feathers are parallel to one another. When you wear becomes a flared dress and the feathers are located at the front and back of the dress.


Night is the name of the third creation. It's a dress. Above it are sewn some branches, two bats, an owl and a buzzard.
The fabric has the effect of shining like the starry sky. The garment open form a rectangle, which can be placed vertically or horizontally. When you wear it become a dress with batwing sleeves and can be add a belt highlighting the waist.

FilArt is a Multifunctional project

My creations are wearable as real clothes

or to hang on the wall as paintings or furniture's items.
FilArt is a new way to represent art and fashion connected together.

The idea is to give the opportunity to wear your favorite painting like a dress or to look your favorite dress, when is not wear,

on the wall like a painting.
The thought of FilArt is born for the concept of the
Recyclingusing recycled and waste materials, to create unique pieces.

fashion in fiber recovery

Rainbow Dress

Dress made with geometric shapes of Casentino fabric

(italian fabric)